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What Makes Infrared Saunas Different From Traditional Saunas?

The source of the heat is the major differentiating factor of infrared saunas. They use infrared emitters that can be made from different materials to emit infrared waves that heat the body significantly and directly without heating the air to a great extent. They are generally considered as a good alternative for people that can’t support the high steam temperatures of a traditional sauna.

Why the infrared sauna is considered more effective in detoxification

The infrared sauna is considered to be more effective in detoxification because it heats the body directly and so raises the temperature of the body to a higher extent than normal saunas, as well as penetrates the deep tissues and organs. They produce a more concentrated sweat, helping the body to detoxify faster.

Which sauna to choose?

The sauna that you end up using will depend on the effect you are trying to get faster, as well as the one that your system supports better. For example if detoxification is what you want to achieve and fast, then infrared saunas are best. Also, if you are not able to support the high humidity in traditional saunas, then you can go for dry saunas or for infrared saunas.

Constructing your own sauna

If you have a good outdoor space, or have a pool outside already, you can add value to your home and improve your health by building your own sauna if you can follow some basic instructions and get the tools and materials. However if DIY is not your thing, you can get a prefabricated unit which you can set up easily or have some professionals set it up for you.