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Using Saunas For The Improvement Of Health

There are many conditions that saunas are known to improve, and they have been shown help people with heart problems recover faster, help relief pain, help reduce stress, boost the immune response and help sleeplessness.

Adding a sauna room to the home

There are many ways to add a sauna to the home, you can decide to buy sauna kits that can be assembled within hours, or you can decide to do your own DIY sauna. If you have to build your own sauna from scratch, you can find plans, and other resources to help you along from the internet and from books dedicated to the subject.

Saunas and Weight loss

Saunas help in weight loss, and are a perfect complement with the other weight loss efforts. This is because the heat increases your metabolic levels, and a 30 minute session has been known to burn about 800 calories. The detoxification that you undergo will also help your body to work better and help your weight loss efforts.

Choosing the right sauna rocks

Sometimes, when you buy a sauna kit, they may come with their own rocks as part of the package. However you may want to change them at some point, or when you are building your own sauna from scratch, you will need to get rocks to store the heat. Not any kind of rock will do, volcanic rocks are the best because they retain hit better since they were formed by intense heat.